How would you like a VUE into how your business is using Energy?

The VUE IT Energy Monitor keeps track of the energy used in your business to help you identify appliances and circuits that waste energy and increase monthly bills.

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Managing your equipment's energy usage to lower your bill is easier said than done

Why do we say that? Because it's true. Aside from your big ticket items such as HVAC and refrigeration what equipment uses the most electricity? Unfortunately, we can't answer that question for you either since we don't know what equipment you are using, which model, or how old it is. But, when you install the VUE It Monitoring system we will.

While the saying goes Knowledge is Power we have coined the phrase Knowledge is Saving Power

The VUE IT Energy Monitor system installs directly into your electrical panel. Once installed you can track energy use in real-time. The VUE IT Energy Monitor does not guess what equipment you have. It's connected directly to the circuits you care about like your HVAC, refrigeration, dishwasher, microwaves, or other appliances. The VUE IT monitors 24/7 through an iOS or Android app.

Automate and Control

Through the VUE It App, you can monitor your energy usage 24/7. By identifying and managing wasted energy you are in control over how energy is used throughout the day. If you have a Smart Thermostat already you will be able to monitor it through the app as well.

Peak Demand Management

Some electric companies charge premiums for setting or exceeding peak demand. Knowing how much energy your equipment is using allows you to power down certain equipment if not in use or adjust the lighting. For example, in a restaurant, if you have multiple griddles and you do your least amount of frying between the hours of 2-4 pm you can lower the temperature of 2 of them. In this example, you are saving twice: first, you are lowering your electric bill, and second, you are extending the life of your oil.


So why not be in control of your building's Energy Usage? After all, you are the BOSS!

Energy is an employee that needs to be managed to reach its potential. You will be able to manage energy use with a simple iOS or Android app and receive actionable recommendations. Receiving real-time data anywhere anytime helps conserve energy and reach your goal: Save Money.

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  • Is there a subscription fee or other additional fees for the VUE IT App??
    • There is no subscription fee to use the app or the service.

  • Can multiple VUE IT’s be viewed together on the same app?
    • Yes, you can name your VUE’s in Settings > Device Management. And you can see the usage for each device on the Home page.

  • Does the VUE IT monitor voltage?
    • Yes, the VUE-IT DOES monitor voltage and phase through the power leads attached to the breakers in your panel. However, voltage and phase are not reported in the Emporia app. They’re only used to calculate power.