A Dedicated Team helping businesses REDUCE ELECTRICAL USAGE and WASTE within their Buildings to GROW their PROFITS

WISE BUILDING ECOSYSTEMS from Pack-A-Drum leverage many patented technologies to reduce costs for you and protect the people in your building. We know your energy usage/cost is high and you want to reduce the possibilities of virus transmission in your buildings. Our "EEaaSY Plan" service addresses and solves these very important issues that you are facing currently. There is no capital input required up-front and savings are guaranteed from day one.


Pack-A-Drum's Journey To Finding Hidden Profits in our businesses has led us to find profits for thousands of other businesses

within Energy, Waste, and Recycling.

Since we started Cardboard Recycling in our own restaurants and launched Pack-A-Drum we have diverted over 1.35 million tons of cardboard from landfills. That's equal to saving 22.95 million mature trees, 9.45 billion gallons of water saved, 5.4 billion kWh saved, and 4.725 million cu-yd landfill airspace avoided. Continue reading below on how we accomplished this.

1991 - 1997

How do we make a restaurant profitable? 

Pack-A-Drum was born out of a family discussion over the high costs of waste hauling within our five Miami Subs Grill restaurants. Our bills were reducing our profitability. We were generating costs due to a large amount of cardboard sent to the landfill. We patented the first-ever manually operated compactor to crush our waste volume and reduced costs by $850 per month per store for a total saving of $51,000 per year to our bottom line profits. With most restaurants making 5% bottom line profits, that equals over $1,020,000 in additional sales to make the same profit we just found in the trash…Now that is turning Trash into Cash!!!

1992 - 1999

How to turn trash into cash

Our waste bills were STILL reducing profitability, and this was impacted due to a large amount of cardboard. We were producing over one ton of cardboard per month per store, ending up in the landfill. We felt that this was extremely detrimental to the environment and urgently needed to change this wasteful practice. Preventing 1 ton of paper waste saves 17 mature trees (*EPA WasteWise Programs).

Our pressure to produce profitability led to the first-ever Loose Cardboard Recycling Program in separate dumpsters in the US back in 1992. We partnered with a local family-owned recycling company that only picked up bailed cardboard from big box stores. We created the first dumpster with a slot to reduce cardboard volumes by eliminating open-top dumpsters. Our partnership produced a lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court of the US. The suit was won against the nation's largest waste hauler which specified that recycled materials are not trash. That suit led to more haulers placing separate dumpsters and Loose Cardboard Recycling was born saving billions of trees from destruction. We were Green before Green was cool!

1995 - 2005

We turn trash into more cash for our clients using our Patented Systems. We reduce guest slip and fall risks, workers-comp injuries, and lowered their insurance rates.

We noticed that employees were moving trash by hand dripping them everywhere and spending more time cleaning their MESS up. Clients did not know this caused risk and wasted time by their employees. So, we started programs to WASTESAFE with standard operating procedures to move waste. Our clients started to tell us they were reducing slips/falls by guests and employees. This led to reduced insurance claims and lowered insurance rates for their coverage. OurWASTESAVE andWASTESAFE programs were created to protect our client's hard-earned profits.

2002 - 2015

Our clients turned to us due to high rates of internal theft within the restaurant industry by smuggling items out in the trash / recycling runs.

Unfortunately, managers were losing the game of hide and seek to find stolen items in a very hard-to-inspect system. We noticed that employees were moving trash with large tilt trucks, trash cans on wheels, and/or black garbage bags. So we started programs to move the waste in clear liners and open exposed carts for Full Inspection by Managers WASTESAVE was invented with Standard Operating Processes to move waste/recyclables to reduce the opportunity for internal theft.  Our WASTESAVE and WASTESAFE programs were created to protect our client's hard-earned profits from theft of goods.


Meet our Leaders

Mark Wagner

Co-Founder and Vice President of Pack-A-Drum and WISE Building ECOSystems
  • Mark graduated from the University of Central Florida - degrees/minors in Marketing & Computer Science. 

  • Built, Operated, and was Franchise for 5 Miami Subs Grill restaurants plus helped open & train an additional 12 restaurant teams.

  • Started Pack-A-Drum while co-owning the restaurants to reduce expenses plus started the first restaurant (ours) in the USA to recycle cardboard separate from our trash which is now the industry standard.  We were sued by Waste Management and won with the help of the Recycling Industry stopping city, county, or state programs from controlling recycled materials within the franchise waste hauling industry markets. 

  • Founder of WISE Building ECOSystems to help reduce electric waste and improve the environment.  

Kirk Wagner

Co-Founder and Director Client Relations and Carbon Offset Programs for Pack-A-Drum 
  • Kirk graduated from Culinary Arts School and Computer Sciences with a focus on blockchain programs.

  • Built, Operated, and was Franchise for 5 Miami Subs Grill restaurants plus helped open & train an additional 16 restaurant teams.

  • Working to process, claim and harvest blockchain technology from Carbon Offsets and help our clients within the changing crypto markets.

  • Warranty Support, Manufacturer Supervising our Patents, Re-Supplies Programs and Logistic Support for our clients and rollout of training our systems.

Kelli Wagner

Co-Founder and Director of Finance and Employee Programs for Pack-A-Drum
  • Kelli did the accounting, payroll, employee services and vendor management for our 5 restaurants with over 350 employees. (Sold restaurant business once Pack-A-Drum launched.)

  • Working with our local church Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Thrift Store and Saint Vincent de Paul food pantry. Kelli ran over 125 volunteers working 60 hours per week for 20 years with zero pay. She raised over $7,500,000 for charity and feeding our local residents.

  • Kelli is captain of her local tennis team working with 15 players to competing in local tournaments.

  • Kelli is an avid Christmas artifacts and antique collector.

William Wagner

Co-founder and  President of Pack-A-Drum
  • Graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

  • Worked with Allis Chalmers (Purchased by Westinghouse) to market electrical equipment applications including transformers, breakers, motor controllers, switchgear, motors, and generators. 

  • Attended Graduate School for Business Administration at the University of San Francisco, the University of Detroit Mercy, and California State University.

  • Worked for the following companies in electronic & semiconductor products: 

  • International Rectifier – A pioneer in power electronics 

  • Gentex – Invented Security Products for Amway selling over half a million door alarms, Conceived and Produced the team to patent the first electrochromic rear-view mirror for the automotive industry with over 100 million sold and growing. 

  • Worked with a directed Harris Corporation as Vice President of CMOS Integrated Circuits and Vice President of Worldwide Sales.

  • Co-Founder and Inventor of the first manually operated compactor for the restaurant industry. 

Independent Representatives in various markets

Dan Bauman – 10 plus reps in expense reduction programs. Expense reduction expert with 10 plus reps.

JP McMenamy – Church and School programs.

Diana Rossa – Trucking and Logistics Companies.

Jeff Bauer – Public Schools.

Mark Diver – Restaurant, Retail and Convenience Stores.

Danny St. Armand – Hospital, Daycare, Assisted Living and Urgent Care.

John Stransky – Entertainment Centers and Car Dealerships.

Raj Khurana – Hotels, Schools and Restaurants with 8 reps in Fryer Oil Reduction programs for many businesses.


Lee Garner - CPA and Accountant.

Karen Warr - Bookkeeping and Accountant.

Michael Hoffman - Electrical Company Safety Programs Engineer.

Willie Barrere -  Maritime Industry Consultant.

Dan Bauman - Expense Reduction Expert.


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