Which Energy Efficiency Technology Works Best for Your Buildings?

Here at WISE BUILDING ECOSYSTEMS, we are committed to offering new technologies that reduce energy consumption for the HVAC industry. Our Energy Efficiency Technology can work together or independently of each other. It all depends on your building's needs and what makes sense for it.


Motors in buildings are the unseen drivers of climate change due to their inherent inefficiency.  They consume more than half the world’s electricity – more than lighting, heating, and electronics combined. Much of this energy is wasted because more than 98% of motors are single-speed AC induction motors, designed and patented in the 1800s by Nikola Tesla. Even motors with Variable Speed Drives (VSD) attached are still eating a ton of energy and their failure rates are very high due to the currents produced by the VSD controlling them. 


Phase Change Materials (PCM) Eco-Energy Tiles take advantage of a fundamental property of nature. The natural tendency of materials to absorb heat when they melt (phase change from solid to liquid/gel) and to release heat when they solidify (phase change from liquid/gel to solid). This will naturally work to produce Free Energy from Nature to dramatically increase the THERMAL MASS of your Building to provide year-round comfort with less requirement for heating and cooling energy.


TUNE silently works around the clock to deliver savings you can see. It filters disruptive noise out of your electrical system to reduce your consumption of electricity and prolong the life of electronics and appliances.


TUNE is smart, but it’s not a smart device. As a matter of fact, once you install TUNE, all that’s left is to watch your savings grow, your appliances and electronics have longer and healthier lifespans, and achieve your green initiatives.


WHAT IF I TOLD YOU your buildings are filled with particles such as dust, dander, pollen, smoke, foul odors, and even pathogens including mold, viruses, and bacteria.


Problems with Airborne transmission - The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) states that infection spreads through exposure to virus-containing respiratory droplets comprised of smaller droplets and particles that can remain suspended in the air over long distances (usually greater than 6 feet) and time (typically hours)

The patented Dual Point Ionization technology cleans the air by introducing positive and negative ions into the building space via the airflow in your HVAC system. This kills the germs within the building protecting your employees and guests. This can also reduce sick days taken by reducing the chances of airborne infection. Taking our ideas from nature where IONS are everywhere outdoors and are constantly working to clean the air naturally.

This system delivers indoor air that’s free of ozone and other harmful byproducts (

complies with UL 2998 zero ozone” certification). This improves the air by reducing airborne particulates, odors, VOC’s and germs/pathogens as well as saving up to 30% on energy consumption thereby lowering your carbon footprint.


Your buildings are not smart which causes problems with equipment, overheating, short cycling, problems such as loose belts, and shut down due to the lack of a predictive maintenance system. If you have a Building Management System (BMS) already in place we can work with you to produce more savings.

The Patented platform helps you Protect Assets and Use Energy Wisely. The "WEVUE IT" gives building operators insight and control of energy consumption. It collects whole building and circuit-level energy usage applies cloud-based tools and delivers data to mobile devices.  Doing so helps assure efficient operation of major equipment while guiding conscious energy use by occupants. All in the service of providing awareness and savings to building owners/operators.


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