Did you know that your building is out of TUNE electrically?

Your building's HVAC, lights, ovens, refrigeration, and all other miscellaneous electrical equipment are out of tune. Get the band back in "tune" with Tune Filter.


Why should you care that your building's electronics are out of tune?

There is disruptive noise in your electrical system, also known as "current harmonics". Tune Filter removes disruptive noise out of your electrical system to reduce your consumption of electricity and prolong the life of electronics and appliances.

Harmonics are the Alternating Currents (AC) of unusable, wasted electricity.

These frequencies of harmonics add stress and wear to every device in your electrical system, and are a by-product when non-linear loads are connected to an electric system. All electrical systems have them and they don’t go away over time — they only get worse. These cause a myriad of problems such as heat buildup in computers, devices, or wear and tear on HVAC systems causing more frequent breakdowns, higher maintenance costs, and shortened lifespans for your equipment.

What kind of loads does Tune Filter work with?

The Tune Filter works on all loads.

When safely installed by a qualified electrician, Tune Filter will dampen and mitigate these harmful waves at their source.

Tune Filter is compact, uses zero electricity, and is tested and proven through years of development.

Inductive Loads

Inductive loads are fixed-speed loads, such as industrial and manufacturing applications with drive motors and pumps.

These will have a heavier load on startup but will taper to a fixed speed. Harmonics in this case will cause excessive heat causing wear and damage.

Resistive Loads

Resistive loads are linear loads, which are a constant flow with slight to no fluctuation like with classic incandescent lightbulbs.

This would cause the lowest amount of harmonics due to the lower pull of kW power which uses most of the power it draws.

Capacitive Loads

Capacitive loads are non-linear loads and are a large part of our lives at home and work. They also create the most harmonics from LED lighting, computer equipment, routers, HVAC systems, and many more. These devices and equipment run constantly, and while they manage their own energy consumption, they have a relentless draw that fluctuates with intentional and unintentional use.


So what is disruptive noise and why is it bad?

To put it simply, the term “disruptive noise” refers to unexpected random variations in voltage that can potentially cause disruptions or damage in electrical circuits. Disruptive noise is a natural phenomenon that exists in every electrical system to one degree or another and reducing it is the key to preventing equipment related failures.

How does aTune Filter work?

Tune Filter captures current harmonic frequencies and filters all of the disruptive frequencies, leaving only the necessary 60Hz bandwidth.

Filtering these unusable and disruptive frequencies reduces the heat and fluctuations in your electrical system to save energy and electronics.

Once installed, your Tune Filter works silently, around the clock, to reduce the electricity used by your business. Tune Filter is not a monitor to identify potential energy savings, it is literally reducing your energy use and extending the life of electronics and appliances increasing your ROI.

Multiple ways to save money

  1. Overall reduction on your electric bill

  2. Reduce stress on electronic equipment and experience fewer equipment failures

  3. Spend less time and money on maintenance and spend more time on your business

How does Tune Filter protect my equipment?

Harmonics create heat and inefficiency that increase your energy use and place undue stress on all of your electronic devices. 

Computers run hot, heating and cooling systems break down prematurely and, LED lights don’t deliver to their full potential. Your Tune Filter reduces the stress placed on your electronic equipment and appliances increasing your ROI. Filtering these unusable and disruptive frequencies reduces the heat and fluctuations in your electrical system to save energy and electronics.

Simple. Safe. Smart.

  1. Tune is simple - Install Tune and save 10% or more on your electrical bills.

  2. Tune is safe - It’s been rigorously tested and designed to do its job.

  3. Tune is smart - because it saves you money. All you need to do is install.

Tune in to some great testimonials about how Tune Filter started saving these businesses from day 1 of install.

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Case Study
Case Study

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FAQs: Tune Filter

How much electricity does a Tune Filter use?

None, it is an inductor connected in parallel to all of the neutral wire connections on the neutral bus bar.

How do I know that Tune Filter is working?

Our goal with Tune Filter is not to consume electricity. There is no app or other interface. You can measure the current on the Tune®’s leads using a hand-held meter to confirm current is flowing through it. Measurements are recorded at the time of installation of the current flow through the filter.

How Many Tune Filter's does a building need?

For best results, a TuneFilter should be installed in each electric panel closest to the loads that use the AC power and create the ‘noise’.


With Tune Filter, we will get your building back in tune and singing its #1 song - Savings

Getting your building back in "TUNE" will lower your power consumption which will show immediate savings on your power bill. It will also save your equipment so no repairs or even scarier, replacing equipment, again saving you money on your ROI. The end result is conserving resources, which lowers your GHG emissions which keep costs current or even lowers them. The bottom line is in the end, there is more money in your pocket.

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