stores Free Energy from Nature by placing them on your building's drop ceiling.

Generating the same energy as 100 matches burning which is equal to 100 BTUs for every square foot of PCM installed.


What is "Phase Change Material"?

Phase Change Material (PCM) is the natural tendency of materials to absorb heat when they melt (phase change from solid to liquid/gel) and to release heat when they solidify (phase change from liquid/gel to solid). When these phase change materials are placed in quantity within a building, they will provide a natural and passive cooling effect when melting and provide the same passive heating effect when re-freezing.


Let's focus on the most important part of the equation within Phase Change Material: THERMAL MASS

Whether it’s new construction or retrofits, buildings are not built to store energy.  We’ve removed all the thermal mass from our buildings, and focused on thicker and tighter wall insulation, more efficient HVAC systems, and more sophisticated control systems.

Our PCM Eco-Energy Tiles work to bring thermal mass back into buildings. PCM Eco-Energy Tiles take their cue from nature: materials absorb heat when they melt and release heat when they solidify. Basically, FREE ENERGY FROM NATURE!

Want a real-world example of the benefit of managing Thermal Energy?

Let’s compare your building to a drink cooler. Modern buildings now have lightweight construction with insulation in the walls, a nice tight shell, and a lid (roof). On a hot summer day instead of using refrigeration to keep the contents of our “cooler” cold, we instead rely on ICE – PCM.

As the ice melts at 32ºF it absorbs tremendous amounts of energy and keeps the cooler at 32ºF until fully melted. If a shock winter cold event were to take place, plummeting temperatures below that 32ºF (0ºC) level the water would then begin to re-freeze and actually “heat” the cooler. The result is a cooler that stays well within the 32ºF range without the need for any heating or cooling equipment.

Now, add doors and windows to your cooler and people constantly creating heat inside the cooler. Would you even consider removing the ice from the cooler in favor of spending money on refrigeration? Absolutely not! You’d be sure to keep that ice in the cooler and use refrigeration to supplement and manage the ice, so it is constantly freezing and melting.

Eco-Energy Tiles can really do that?

Yes! They can really do that! PCM are substances that absorb and release thermal energy (heat) during the process of melting and freezing. They are called “phase change” materials because they go from a solid to a liquid state during the thermal cycling process. When used in numerous applications, they will naturally work to increase Thermal Mass providing year-round comfort with less demand for heating and cooling energy.


How big are the Eco-Energy Tiles?

Eco-Energy Tiles are 24"x24" and designed to sit on top of your existing drop ceiling.

Are Eco-Energy Tiles safe?

Yes. Eco-Energy Tiles are made primarily of inorganic PCMs due to their inherent safety concerning flammability (Class A Fire Rated). They are non-toxic, have a high density, and are abundant in nature.


Get Free Energy from Nature and No Out of Pocket Expense when you use our "EEaaSY Plan"

Now you are asking yourself how PCM is going to help me, my building doesn’t get down to 32ºF to freeze phase change materials. We can set the freezing point of our Eco-Energy Tiles at temperatures of 65ºF, 72ºF, 77ºF, or 80ºF. The Freezing Point is determined by which region of the country you are in.

Eco-Energy Tiles is a unique form of energy storage that requires no moving parts, no maintenance, and no wearing out. So it’s literally “set it and forget it”.

By placing Eco-Energy Tiles inside your structure, the PCM acts just like ice inside a cooler to help regulate temperature. But unlike ice, our PCM will freeze and melt at a chosen temperature setpoint, allowing it to constantly and passively freeze and melt.

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