The SMART MOTOR SYSTEM That Is Transforming How The World Consumes Energy

Nicknamed the LED of Motors, the Smart Motor System (SMS) attacks energy waste at every level by harnessing intelligence across hardware, software, and services.


45% of all Global Electricity is used by Electric Motors

Continuing with that thought, did you know that most commercial buildings can have anywhere from 2-14 of these motors on their rooftop? Your HVAC RTUs' are consuming large amounts of kilowatts every day and at peak hours, Demand Metering can increase as much as 2-3 times the normal kilowatt rate.


The Smart Motor System is the game-changer in HVAC you have been looking for

The Smart Motor System marries a patented high rotor pole switched reluctance motor with a matching motor controller and powerful user-friendly software. Components are designed for compatibility, ensuring the critical components of your motor-driven system work together in harmony to deliver next-level performance and efficiency.

The LED of Motors

This revolutionary motor system is inherently:

  • Rugged and corrosion resistant

  • Fault tolerant

  • Optimally efficient over wide torque and speed ranges

  • Highly controllable and configurable

  • Communicative—the only motor that reports what it is actually doing


Since the invention of electric motors nearly two centuries ago, progress in motor technology has been incremental. The first upgrade was by Nikola Tesla’s AC induction motor he invented over 130 years ago and drives nearly all motors in use today. Next was Variable Speed Drives and external controls back in the 1980s and they have reached their limits. Analog motors simply consume too much energy. The Smart Motor System (SMS) is now changing that by delivering world-changing, optimal efficiency–from the inside out. There are also NO magnets or rare earth materials in the SMS. Keeping rare earths out of our products eliminates both the supply chain risk and environmental damage and lowers costs.

The SMS utilizes the design simplicity and optimal performance characteristics of the Switched Reluctance Motor. Patented hardware and software improvements, drawing on the cutting-edge technologies used in mobile computing and electric vehicles to provide intelligent controls. The first software-driven motor is the most efficient, reliable, and intelligent motor ever made.

Unmatched Reliability

Switched Reluctance Motors (SRM) has been used for decades in zero-fault-tolerant environments like nuclear power plants and mining applications. Its simplified design eliminates many common motor failures, and the drive technology enables the motor to run even with the loss of electrical phases. Additionally, SRMs have no shaft current, which means longer product life without costly shaft grounding or ceramic bearings. Their simple, rugged design includes the highest quality components, long-life bearings, low operating temperatures, and low start-up inrush current/torque, providing fewer points of possible failure.

Smart Controller

The Smart Controller provides the intelligence behind the motor and is the gateway to unlocking all the benefits of the Smart Motor System Platform for Sustainable Operations. The Smart Controller controls all operations of the SMS and is required for motor operation. Its internal program assures that the motor is operating at the highest efficiency at any speed in any application. It does this by monitoring the internal sensors and feedback from the smart motor and adjusting control signals for optimization.

Innovative and breakthrough technology leading the way to a sustainable future.

Technology for Sustainable Operations
It’s Time to Rethink  Sustainability
HVAC Fan Motor Energy Savings

Case Study

Forward-Thinking Five Guys Franchise Sees Big Savings in Energy Efficiency With Upgrades to HVAC Motors


What kind of warranty do you offer on the Smart Motor System?

We offer a 5 year warranty on the Smart Motor System when financed through the EEaaSY Plan.

What makes the Smart Motor more reliable than other motors?

It all starts with the manufacturing of the Smart Motor. The windings in the stator are concentrically wound around the stator pole with short end turns. These are inherently easier to wind and insert. The rotor is a laminated stack of steel with no-slip rings, brushes, bars, magnets, or other secondary manufacturing steps than just stamping.

Can any HVAC RTU system get a Smart Motor?

No. At this time the Smart Motor System can only be installed in Belt Driven Units and with motors between 1HP-15HP.

How does the Turntide Smart Motor System work?

The Turntide Smart Motor System drives down energy consumption in HVAC through a combination of innovations based on optimal device physics, precise control algorithms, and connectivity.  

1) Optimal Device Physics: Turntide motors are based on an optimally efficient motor design which is based on a variation of switched reluctance motor (SRM) architecture. 

2) Precise Control Algorithms: The Turntide Motor Controller feeds in precise control algorithms to ensure the motor always runs at the highest efficiency possible.  

3) Connectivity: With a motor system that is connected to sensors and the cloud, the Turntide Smart Motor System monitors the motor’s operating environment to enable you to ensure motors are running on optimal operating parameters – anytime, anywhere.


The Smart Motor System

A truly intelligent system that offers unprecedented efficiency

Powered by software and precise motor control algorithms, the Smart Motor System allows you to monitor and communicate with HVAC equipment and other systems. Software control enables real-time remote system monitoring and control via a web dashboard that communicates cloud-based data and analytics.

Real-time monitoring includes automated fault detection with the capability to send alerts if abnormal operating conditions arise. The system integrates easily with building management systems via industry-standard protocols.

Over-the-air updates enable performance optimization of embedded firmware and control sequences resulting in a system that improves over time.

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